AnJbagsAnJbags are petite pillows with a magical filling. Designed to be heated in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and draped over the shoulders, AnJbags impart an instant feeling of warmth and comfort. Heating an AnJbag releases the calming aroma of lavender herbs for instant stress reduction, relief from insomnia, and the restful release of tension headaches.

In our daily lives, frequent driving and computer use contribute to the buildup of muscle tension in the head, neck and shoulders. The AnJbag’s gentle 1.7-pound weight and soothing heat encourages the tension and tightness in these areas to gradually release. It works for menstrual cramps, too! Even kids love to settle down with KidsBags. From chilly evenings at home to lazy Sundays, AnJbags help busy people of all ages get cozy and unwind. Know someone who could use a little stress relief? AnJbags make great gifts!


"I love AnjBags! Warm and comforting, they're like a little piece of heaven! They make great gifts for yourself and your loved ones! I'm using mine right now! They're a perfect way to take the edge off of sore muscles, or sooth you as you wake or before you sleep! Thank you AnJa Indirani for this fabulous creation!" -Jen HoopCharmer

"Before bed I heat up three Anjbags and place them strategically under the covers to begin warming my bed while I take a bath and get ready for bed. When I hop into bed it's already warm and snugly! LOVE MY ANJBAGS!" -Krista Richards

"I LOVE my Anjbags. I have 2! My favorite is to use them for my cold feet in winter, and also to warm up my core by placing it on my mid-abdomen. That's the fastest way to warm the human body (besides exercise 8^)). Also, feels GREAT over the eyes and forehead after using a neti! Love my Anjbags!" -LF

"So warm and soothing. They have an amazing scent too! I've bought them for my whole family." - JL

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